Intelligent pension planning will help you to live the retirement you want and deserve. With retirement often lasting 25 years or more, it is vital to be prepared and build up a retirement income that provides the standard of living you require in the long term.


Pensions are a tax-efficient savings vehicle designed to provide a regular income in retirement – when you choose the right plan, the benefits can be immeasurable.


The State Pension

If you are working and paying National Insurance contributions, you will be eligible for a basic State Pension. You may also have an additional pension with the State Second Pension (S2P) but many people find that state pensions are insufficient to accommodate the standard of living they require.

If your employer offers a pension scheme, this provides a good additional source of income, although we would advise undertaking regular reviews with an expert professional to ensure your funds stay on track to meet your retirement goals.

For those who have to make their own provision, we recommend seeking professional advice to discover the most beneficial options.

How We Can Help

With our expertise, we can help you consider the costs of retirement and assess your position before it is too late to make a difference. Our expert pension specialists will:
  •  Determine the level of pension your current arrangements could provide
  •  Offer recommendations on how to best meet your expectations
  •  Provide access to a range of pension contracts available in the open market and the best deals
  •  Recommend pension contracts that are the most suitable for you, depending on your current situation
  •  Review the contribution level, investment performance and overall performance of any existing pension plans you might have and make suggestions for improvement
  •  Consider your history and any preserved pension benefits you might have to make an informed decision about the best pensions route for you to take


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