5 October 2020

HMRC prompts UK residents with a financial connection to India to disclose under the WDF

HMRC are targeting UK residents that hold NRI/NRO/NRE bank accounts in India. Attached is a Certificate of Tax Position prompting those with undeclared assets in India to declare under the Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF).
24 October 2019

Things to consider when setting up in the UK

3 September 2019

Jeffreys Henry LLP joins Morison KSi to increase global reach

20 November 2018

Why are Indian companies expanding into the UK?

While markets around the world slow down, India’s economy continues to boom. Growing at a rate of around 7%, it seems to be weathering the waves […]
20 November 2018

Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) – The Final Chance

24 June 2016

What does BREXIT mean for UK hospitality businesses?

Yes, we’ve left the EU. Yes, it’s shocking and disheartening. But in the words of the Remain Campaign’s leader, and our recently resigned Prime Minister David […]