20 June 2022

HMRC Suspends payment of some R&D Tax Credits

29 April 2022

What is Tax Investigation Service and Why Do I Need it?

Jeffreys Henry’s tax investigation service is an annual policy that covers our professional fees in the event of an HMRC compliance check, inquiry, investigation, or dispute.
31 January 2022

HMRC tackle SME R&D Tax Relief abuse

HMRC has released its review of R&D tax relief (also known as R&D tax credit), alongside details that confirm extra measures that will be put in place to end the abuse of R&D tax relief. Recent data suggests a loss of over £300 million due to fraud and error in R&D claims. In such cases, companies had claimed cash through the payable tax credit, despite having no R&D activity. Moreover, HMRC have also identified structures that had been set up with the intention to claim the payable tax credit, despite there being little employment or activity in the UK.
14 January 2022

HMRC Relax Self-Assessment Tax Return Penalties

️HMRC have announced that they will not be charging late filing penalties for 2020/21 self-assessment tax returns, provided it is submitted by 28 February 2022.
11 January 2022

Significant R&D Tax Relief Changes

1 November 2021

Key steps to a successful R&D tax relief claim

Key steps to a successful R&D tax relief claim. HMRC have displayed no sign of relaxing their position in respect of R&D tax credit claims in terms of querying both eligibility and qualifying expenditure.
25 March 2021

Changes to IR35 from April 2021

Changes in IR35 rules from 2021 will mean employees, but through their own Personal Service Company (PSC), pay the same Income Tax and National Insurance contributions as other employees. From April 2021, businesses will have the responsibility of deciding whether the employment taxes and National Insurance contributions should be deducted.
25 February 2021

HMRC’s Worldwide Disclosure Facility and its link to Italy

HMRC have began issuing "nudge letters" to UK residents with a financial connection to Italy and potential tax liabilities on overseas income or gains, prompting them to make a disclosure under the Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF).
16 December 2020

HMRC Collects £34m in Penalties after Resuming Tax Investigations