Advice on Tips, Services Charges and Tronc

With tipping practices back in the spotlight, dealing with cash tips, service charges and Tronc has become a real concern for many restaurant and hospitality operators. 

Jeffreys Henry LLP is one of the UK's leading firms of Chartered Accountants with significant restaurant experience. We work with Michelin-starred restaurants, themed restaurant groups, individual bistros, gastro pubs and pop-ups. 

As well as providing routine restaurant accountancy services, our specialist payroll and Tronc team can advise on:-

  • Cash Tips, Service Charges and Tronc
  • Correctly pooling cash tips
  • Implementing and distributing service charge
  • Setting up a points based distribution
  • Advice on selecting a Troncmaster
  • Troncmaster services
  • Fair distribution arrangements 
  • Safeguard against HMRC inspections
  • Reducing administration and payroll obligations relating to Tronc 
  • Tronc and National Minimum Wage

Tronc Specialists - Contact Us

For further information, or to arrange a free review of your current Tips, Service Charges and Tronc arrangement, please contact Mark Tenzer on 0207 309 2222.