International Accountants in London, UK

Jeffreys Henry LLP is one of the founding members of Jeffreys Henry International (JHI), a global network of independent accountancy firms, tax specialists and corporate advisers. 

By calling on the expertise of over 150 associates in 55 countries, we can provide a truly seamless global service, including:-

A Multi-Lingual Accountancy Firm

Our London office has a dedicated, multi-lingual team of accountants that are fluent in Cantonese, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish, German, Greek, Gujarati, Korean, Hebrew and Hindi.


Through our association in JHI, we have access to over 150 associates from 130 cities in 55 countries including Canada, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, India, China and Japan.

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For further information, please contact Mark Tenzer, Nick Michaels or Justin Randall on +44 (0) 207 309 2222.

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