Looking In

A prominent American entrepreneur was expanding his most recent venture into the British, German and French markets. It was essential that the home corporation retained close control, while providing efficient support at a local level.

Jeffreys Henry devised a pan-European tax structure that enabled a single source of management reporting, drawing on the local resources of JHI members in the relevant cities. The client outsourced the entire accounting function through Jeffreys Henry, who provided consolidated monthly accounts, delivered to the American board within 4 days of the month end.

Armed with this level of confidence, the company expanded into seven further Eurozone countries, each operating using the same Jeffreys Henry tax structure and the support of a local JHI member firm.

Jeffreys Henry LLP

For over two decades, Jeffreys Henry LLP have been assisting US/American companies, including UK subsidiaries of US companies, successfully enter the UK market. 

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